It began with a 5th grade school project. Steve Wozniak mistook my phone call for his son Jesse. He actually called me back.


The experience of interviewing him for the video I was creating for history class was eerily prescient of my life to come: an exploration at the intersection of art, technology, and social interest. And as a filmmaker, it set the tone for cultivating the art of the interview, a huge emergent theme in my life.

These themes continue to weave through my life at every turn. It’s superfluous to say digital media has impacted our lives. But more than noting all of the ways we can change the world or solve problems using technology, it’s significantly more important to ask ourselves which problems are worth solving in the world? This is the area of my focus. And I believe video, film, music, and other media are an essential piece of the puzzle.

A breakdown is a breakthrough.